Where There's Fire



We are very excited to kick off the Oddities Issue4 with a store that holds a dear place in our twisted hearts. Graveface Records and Curiosities snuck in under the radar less than a year ago and has been haunting Desoto ever since. Much of it’s success can be attributed to the mysterious owner and his odd tastes in other peoples’ trash. Aside from Graveface being the only vinyl shop in town, and I can’t stress that point enough, it is also a second hand/ antiques store (more or less) of the obscure AND a record label! When asked to describe Graveface, well… you can’t really, but it’s the kind of shop where you can find a book on Allister Crowley on the same shelf as classic children’s books all the while listening to some band you’ve never heard of. We like Graveface and hope it sticks around…

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