We’re putting out so much awesome stuff today that we had to make another post.
– We are now proudly selling bitters by Cocktail Punk. 6 kinds – smoked orange, alpino, cherry, pastiche, aromatic and regular orange.
– We received a restock on bug necklaces and bats in lucite
– We are now selling select blind box toys from funko and kid robot. The 1st two we put out are these: http://www.funko.com/images/large/5202e16b9689a.jpg and these: http://www.funko.com/images/large/520c09f59b472.jpg
– Last but not least, we’re starting to put out the random findings from my buying trip to Jalisco. So far we’ve put out beaded skulls from the Huichol people, hand-carved pipes from the Tarahumara and a few other nuggets. Up next – TONS of masks.