AHH! Thank you SO FUCKING MUCH for your support. Today was the perfect amount of chaos, fun and vinyl. As a thank you, we’re having a bit of fun in the shop today. Check it:
– 10% off all vinyl including our leftover RSD stuff (which we have a lot of)
– Anyone that makes a purchase today can choose an egg out of our basket. 3 random eggs will contain coupons allowing you to buy ANY record in our store for $4.20. That’s correct, from any $100+ box set to the leftover RSD stuff…you can buy any record in the shop for that price. The eggs not containing said coupons will have other fun things in them. Sounds somewhat thrilling, no?
So come check us out on 4/20 Easter Sunday from noon-5pm.
Thanks again for today! Much love. XOXO